Hotel Management Services

Bayview Hospitality Group implements structured, proven, and consistent management systems in its hotels. This management system recruits top performers at all levels of the hotel management team, providing human resources support to each hotel using best practices and the latest technology. Bayview is committed to higher standards and maintaining close relationships with our management teams.

Bayview has an excellent track record. Its investments consistently have superior returns on equity. At the same time we manage our risk by being intimately involved with the business and ensuring tight controls, timely reporting and strong accountability.

Hotel Operations

We staff our hotels with strong, experienced general managers who understand the market, the product, and the management and service culture. Our properties are equipped with state-of-the-art property management systems, financial support systems, and cost control and revenue management systems. Management teams from all our properties meet to share and discuss industry “Best Practices”. This collaborative and constructive approach allows Bayview Hospitality to cross-train and disseminate best practices.

Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management

Sales and marketing is not a department, it is the job of each and every member of the hotel team.

Information Technology

Our properties are equipped with state-of-the-art property management systems, financial support systems, and cost control and revenue management systems.

Maintenance and Asset Protection

Bayview Hospitality uses facilities management and design techniques to develop formal procedures for asset protection and preventative maintenance. Our procedures involve management and staff to inspect deficiencies on newly opened hotels, punch-lists on acquired hotels, and procedures for routine or emergency repairs. We reinvest in our hotels to keep them efficient and competitive in the marketplace.

Food and Beverage

Bayview’s F&B services is intricately involved in two major components of hotel services and management: Designing, organizing and planning of F & B services for hotels Restaurants, Lounges , Function, Banquet, & Conference services of opened hotels. We review and monitor results on a daily basis of every hotel's performance against established measurable objectives using real-time revenue management software. Our team selects the design, layout, and equipment of kitchens, bars, lounges and banquet facilities to maximize profitability of each of our food and beverage outlets.


Bayview is focused on efficient use of resources and effective operations that promote accountability and profitability. We seek to increase profitability by continually seeking improvements in all areas of our business. Our financial system focuses on profitability at the bottom line; flexibility to changing market conditions; and accountability. We dedicate ourselves to achieving excellent results for all our stakeholders.

Flexibility in Responding to Market Conditions

As the market changes, we adapt with it. This responsiveness gives Bayview Hospitality a competitive edge in an industry that is in constant flux.


One of the central values of our leadership is accountability. We manage our properties in a manner that promises accountability at every level, and in every department.

Cost Control, Revenue Management

Bayview Hospitality manages its hotels with an ownership mindset. At each Bayview property, we leverage our resources to provide superior customer satisfaction and high quality product standards while managing overhead expenses.

Financing Alternatives

At Bayview Hospitality, we put the stakeholder first. We seek a balance between maximising the return on equity with the need to manage risk. We work with our stakeholders to engineer the optimal financing structures for the business model.

Development and Construction

The development and construction of each Bayview Property is an interdisciplinary process. We have the knowledge and experience to conceptualize, plan and construct outstanding developments with an ownership mindset.

Engage Stakeholders

Real estate development is a process which affects multiple stakeholders through construction and after completion. We design and develop buildings in consultation with the local community and municipality. Our projects improve and contribute to the communities that they are created in.

Continuous on-site management

We supervise the project to ensure the construction quality meets and exceeds brand standards and municipal codes, and ensure that the construction is completed on budget and on schedule.

Recognize opportunities – ahead of the curve.

The ability to recognize opportunities comes with extensive knowledge, relationships and experience. Bayview Hospitality identifies opportunities quickly in new development, and re-positioning or re-development of existing properties. We select the right brands, the right location and the right markets. We create innovative solutions to create opportunity by re-branding, renovating and upgrading. Our knowledge, experience, and creativity make us experts in seeing possibility ahead of the competition.

Mixed-Use Developments

Mixed-use developments have become an important trend in real estate development because of their ability to create ecosystems of diverse services. In addition, each use benefits from shared services resulting in efficiencies. Bayview is developing the first mixed-use Homewood Suites and residential complex in Canada. Bayview continues to explore more creative development opportunities in the future.